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What do you say when someone does something nice for you?

Well, I’m a parent of two, a 4 year old daughter, and a one-year-old.  So, as you can imagine, my wife and I are teaching manners, especially to our daughter.  I believe one of the most important things I can teach her is to be grateful – grateful in many circumstances, but especially when someone does something very nice for you.

I’ve created a quick 5 question survey that you can find below, and it would mean the WORLD to me if you would take 2 minutes, or even 30 seconds to fill this out.  It will enable me to tailor future content to better serve you and answer your questions and concerns; and it will allow me to have better insight into the issues I should be addressing in future teaching events such as seminars.  So, I NEED YOUR HELP!  and I would be VERY grateful to you if you are inclined to give it!  Thank you!

What does my 4-year-old daughter have to say when someone does something VERY NICE for them? Watch the video to find out!

You would be doing something very nice for me (and yourself  if you would fill out the quick 5-question survey you can find at this link: